Maruyama Reservoir

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It was created in 1977 as a water tank to the northern part of the city. Locals also call it a Lake KINSENJIKO. This pond was created by holding up the flow of Funasaka River. On the side of the pond, there is a little shack build to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the area, Blossom trees in the Spring, scarlet trees in the Autumn, and so forth. Maruyama Reservoir

Take Sakurayamanami Bus and get off at Kinsenji stop or Kinsenji-guchi stop.
Or take Hankyu Bus and get off at Kinsenji-guchi stop.
/Shimo-Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi-cho, Nishinomiya City
/TEL 078-904-2482 (Maruyama Waterworks)