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The 10 meter-high Koshiki-iwa Rock is the shrine's deity, and has been believed to be the god of pregnancy and safe delivery since a long time ago. The "great god Ebisu" of Nishinomiya Jinja shrine is also enshrined here, so it has been called "the northern Ebisu". The Okage-dance Ema that is displayed on the alter is appointed as a Material Folk Cultural Property of Nishinomiya and the woods around the shrine consist of Himeyuzuriha (teijsmannii) is designated as a natural treasure of the prefecture. Koshiki-iwa Jinja Shrine

* Take Sakurayamanami Bus,Hanshin Bus,or Hankyu Bus and get off at Shukugawa Tandai mae stop.
/5-4 Koshikiiwa-cho, Nishinomiya City
/ TEL 0798-71-8375