Manchidani, Nitekoike Reservoir

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Nitekoike is a collective term of three serial reservoirs located from north to south. Together with Koshimizu Waterworks, it is highly valued as one of the most beautiful spots for cherry blossoms in Nishinomiya, and its water reflects the beautiful flowers in spring time. Also, it is famous for being the locale of the novel "Hotaru no Haka(the grave of fireflies)" written by Akiyuki Nosaka. Manchidani, Nitekoike Reservoir

* Take Hanshin Bus and get off at Manchidani,
or take Hankyu Train and get off at
Kurakuenguchi station.
/Okuhata, Nishinomiya City
/TEL 0798-74-6616(Koshimizu Waterworks)