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The shrine was founded in 1805 by Kimbei Toshaya who was a Nishinomiya rice merchant and redeveloped the Nishinomiya port to improve the performance of the marine transportation system in the Hanshin area. The guardian deity of the sea is enshrined. In 2005, to mark the 200th anniversary of its foundation, the precincts of the shrine were redeveloped. The Benten shrine which had collapsed in the Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake was rebuilt and as a result of the landscaping, the site overlooks the yacht harbor. Sumiyoshi Jinja Shrine

* Take Hansin Bus and get off at Izumi-cho stop or Nishihato-cho stop.
/4-4 Nishihato-cho, Nishinomiya City
/TEL 0798-33-5545